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Clash Of Xtreme Hotness Part 2

Ok everyone, get set for the long lost match part 2 in which our fan favorite of years past, JC Marie, takes on fan favorite of the present, Abigail Mac. Now I don’t even have to go into any explanation of the incredible bodies and faces of both battlers, but I will. Abigail and JC are among the elite of the wrestling roster at Xtreme and they bring their sex AND wrestling A games in this barnburner! We open in an erotic embrace and some deep kissing, the contrast of Abigail’s olive skin and dark hair, and JC;s blonde locks and alabaster skin make for an amazingly erotic contrast. Body to body cat balling, boob smashing, pussy grabbing and tit mauling are in full swing as both girls have been warmed up and ready for this, Body scissors, head scissors full nelsons and body scissors combos, hand over mouth smothering, and breast suffocating all abound. These two images of female perfection can also WRESTLE as well as fuck! The action continues with face sitting, pussy licking, foot smothering and worship, fingering, you name it, it’s here. Then the action heats up even further. Tribbing fans rejoice as the trib action here is unbelievable!! Perfect pussies grinding together in a symphony of lust! Xtreme close ups once again put you right in the heat of the battle. Who wouldn’t want to be so close to JC and Abigail! We really can’;t say enough about the beauty, the action, and the sexuality of this Clash of Xtreme Hotness – Part 2!! Get it! You’ll LOVE it!


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