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Battle of the Blondes II

OK guys…you asked for it and we at Xtreme Female Fighting are going to give it to you, especially if it involves JC and Angela Sommers. Part 2 of the epic battle between 2 of the hottest blonde battling babes you’ll ever see! We pick it up in the bedroom this time and both beauties are looking to cum out on top. This match becomes even more sensual as being on a bed, a very large bed, really gets their juices flowing An orgasm extravaganza ensues as one, then the other tries to force an orgasm to get the fall. Wrestling holds, toys, and beautiful bodies are used, as one beauty is subdued and forced to explode, then the other, then the other. Back and forth it goes until one of the stunning blondes has victory in her grasp. Can she wrap up the final insane orgasm, or will the rubbing, grinding and fighting continue? Just having these 2 in the same match is pure poetry. Poetry written by E.E. Cummings no doubt!


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