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Battle of the Blondes

Two of the hottest blondes anywhere, ever – I mean two of the worlds hottest!!! Angela Sommers and JC are scheduled for a fight and Angela is miffed that JC is late, but when the sexy blonde comes Angela’s anger is replaced with lust, she pulls JC’s bottoms off, grabs between her legs and pulls her in for some deep kissing, fast she strokes JC’s tender center as her tongue probes deep in her mouth. JC tries to resist but is soon pulled into this world of lust, Angela now takes her to the floor where she can suck on her beautiful breasts and send her fingers into JC’s wet pussy. But JC is not to be had so easily, soon she is straddling Angela, pulls her bottoms off and sends her fingers deep inside Angela’s wet pussy, They moan and groan as it’s back to some deep kissing. Soon these two naked super bodies are standing breast to breast in a test of strength, their blonde curls flow down their backs as they strive to put each other down, soon Angela is sitting atop JC in a school girl pin where she can put that hot pussy in JC’s face and make her offer pleasure with her tongue. They bend each other over in varied matchbooks and we are treated to some fabulous views of these perfect bodies. Back and forth it goes with just enough wrestling to get to a sex position where they can finger, eat or deep kiss, some nice close ups of those lucky tongues going in those now very wet pussies. They end tribbing, both ladies working toward a final orgasm as their slippery centers collide and rub, two fabulous blonde bodies intertwined toward orgasmic bliss – two of the hottest blondes ever and they are here for you – this is a must have !!!!!!!!


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