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Are you ready for the wrestling and sexual domination of the most beautiful Supergirl of them all? JC, with her flowing blonde hair, perfect body, and drop dead gorgeous face is the epitome of the superheroine. Her nemesis in this Xtreme Female Fighting beat-down is non other than Ariel X, as Black Widow. Ariel the wrestling skill, attitude, and fingers at the ready to torture, abuse, and violate the fair haired victim. It seems Black Widow has been plowing through superheroine girls right and left, and the one and only Supergirl has been called on to put a stop to her. Black Widow first tries to weaken Supergirl with a poisoned kiss. To her surprise this has no effect as Supergirl starts strong. This is short lived though when Black Widow spits a green mist into Supergirl’s face. Weakened by the mist we now witness a domination beat down of the perfect body of Supergirl. Camel clutches, choking with the cape, snapmares, stomach punches, leg spreads, a dragon sleeper and more are used to torture and weaken the poor Supergirl. But Black Widow is far from finished. Now she decides to strip her bare and sexually torment the girl with fingers inside her moist pussy and deep sensual kisses. She slams her own wet pussy into the beaten girls ass as Supergirl becomes more and more humiliated. Finally setting her up in a Tree of Woe, Black Widow penetrates Supergirl while upside down in the corner. Finally succumbing to the brutal torture, a collar, ball gag, and leash are put on Supergirl as she is paraded around the ring and led off to be Black Widow’s slave. This is the most sexual scene JC has ever done anywhere on camera. If you’ve ever wanted to see this vision dominated and sexually broken, this is the one to get.


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