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JC Marie and Christina Carter in sexy super heroine costumes both wrestling and having sex – could it get any better? No it probably couldn’t and you will agree when these two hot babes go at it. Christina is looking for JC’s power orb when the hot blonde finds her and the fight is on. The super babes are pretty equal as they lock up and have at it, little by little their sexy costumes are pulled off and when Christina gets that power orb JC is in for some real trouble, the orb splits in two and wraps around her perfect breasts, now comes the sexual destruction as she is forced to orgasm over and over. With her hand and mouth she forces her foe to visit orgasm land and once she is real wet she drapes her over the couch and delights in humping that perfect round hard butt. And when she makes JC walk on all fours giving us that great butt shot or spreading her against the glass door, just too much. Oh don’t worry Christina gets naked and finds her own orgasms, they both are going all the way with this one. Super heroines that love to fight and love to orgasm even more – JC and Christina in sexy super heroine outfits and having sex – it doesn’t get any better !!!!!!!


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