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Water, Oil & Sex

Grab a towel because we have one hell of a match for you. Beautiful, blonde hardbody JC takes on the sexy, sultry Francesca Lé. Add water, oil, several costume changes and this is a title to have in your collection. Starting off in long evening gowns, the girls start to pour buckets of water on each other to cool off. Wait till you see the water run off their sexy bodies as a sensuality comes over the two. Good thing because although they really get into it, the hot isn’t cooled at all. Both Beauties tear into each other with reckless abandon as the clothes are ripped off. Fingers and tongues find their targets as one, then the other experience intense orgasms. A clothing change happens and now they’re in slips and skirts. You can bet those are torn off quickly as well. These two personify sex and they romp around the ring forcing orgasms, trapping each other in various wrestling holds, torture each other on the ropes, everything you can imagine happens here. Finally they reappear in lingerie and more sex, more wrestling, and more orgasms ensue. This is one of the last titles you’ll see JC in as she has retired. But we pulled this from the vaults because, well, because JC is always ridiculously hot. The contrast in looks between JC and Francesca is vast; blonde goddess JC vs sultry dark vixen Francesca…grab this title and have the fresh towels at the ready.


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