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The Blonde Battle of the Bodies

Randy Moore and JC, two stunning blondes with bodies to die for decide

to step into the ring to see who the better blonde is. Or in this

case, who can make the other orgasm the most. What begins as a

traditional wrestling contest becomes more and more sexual as the

clothes come off and the beautiful bodies of JC and Randy pin, finger,

and grind each other to orgasm. Good wrestling starts this match as

scissors, chokes, hair pulling, and body to body pins highlight the

first part of this encounter. Of course, when you get two beauties in

the ring like these girls, it’s hard for the contest not to turn into

a “lets see who can make the other cum more” explosive sex-fest!!

That’s right, it’s JC and Randy in a sexual battle. That’s really all

that needs to be said. When you witness these two forcing each other

to cum over and over, it’s the viewer that wins!! At the end one girl

makes the other cum more and wins the match. But wait, the winner has

some cruelty up her sleeve, or in this case, a Hitachi magic wand in

her hand. Witness one girl tease and frustrate the loser, with the

Hitachi vibrator, by bringing her vanquished foe to the brink of

orgasm time and time again, only to deny her, over and over. It’s

torture for the poor girl who begins to plead to let her cum. Does she

get her final orgasm release, or is she doomed to be teased and teased

in the middle of the ring? Watch and see!!


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