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Destruction Of A Precious Jewell

Get this one guys. It has it ALL! We start in the ring with both beauties in tight tight mini dresses showing LOTS of leg and breast. They begin to slowly and seductively undress to start the epic match to come. Ariel didn’t expect Jewell to fight dirty, and Jewell rushes Ariel by surprise and pushes her into the corner post. Without warning she unleashes a barrage of HARD punches, kicks, and blows to the belly, tits, and pussy of Ariel. Ariel is off guard as Jewell starts to choke her, trying to end this quick. But, end quickly it does not. As we all know, you can’t keep Ariel X down for long. She comes back hard with her own barrage of tactics, torturing Jewell’s tits, stomach and pussy. The girls continue to go back and forth, Catballing, tight schoolgirl pins, scissors, HARD HARD slaps and punches. We are treated to some intense, and I do mean INTENSE sexual pro style wrestling. Serious hair pulling, back and forth, scissors that crushes the other girls whole identity. Jewell puts up a brave fight, and at times it seems she might upset our resident villain. But, ultimately Ariel is the stronger and more experienced of the two, and she makes Jewell pay dearly for her dirty tactics at the start. Snap mares that have Jewell flying high in the air and landing hard! Crushing bodyslams, and PILEDRIVERS galore!! Jewell is beaten to a pulp as Ariel takes pleasure in torturing her foe.Fingering, face sitting, forced oral, flying elbows, cradle backbreakers, bearhugs, choking on the ropes, MORE PILEDRIVERS as Ariel taunts and plays with Jewell. Ariel is just plain MEAN as she once again HOM smothers Jewell and leaves her unconscious in the center of the ring. But there’s more to come. Ariel shows up with a strap on dildo and we all know what Ariel can do with one of those! First she makes Jewell suck it to get it ready. We see Jewell gag as Ariel forces it deep. Then the fun begins. Jewell is forced to open her gaping pussy with her face on the mat and her ass in the air. Yes guys, she’s on display for all to see, and Ariel to take advantage of. Fucking her deep doggie style Jewell screams with pain, or is it pleasure? Ariel proceeds to fuck the sit out of her prey and when Jewell screams, she pulls her hair back and HOM smothers her cries to be released. Not yet Jewell. Ariel is having too much fun. Now Ariel unleashes a variety of pro style holds while fucking and HOM smothering Jewell. Your heart almost breaks for the poor girl -.almost. Soon she is fucked to oblivion by Ariel in all positions. Cannonball, side straddle, tribbing, choking while being fucked. There’s just too much in Ariel’s arsenal for Jewell to take. Ariel even puts Jewell on top of her and holding her arms crossed, forces Jewell to ride the cock hard, pushing her down on it. More doggie style HOM fucking and face rakes as Jewell is being demolished. Finally Ariel takes off the strap on and aggressively tribs and tribs. Forced fingering, oral, 69 scissors with forced oral and a final trib choke out that has to be seen to be believed. Ariel then finishes up with one final piledriver, chokes the already semi conscious Jewell into dream land. NEVER have we witnessed such amazing wrestling and fucking in the ring. Ariel X and Jewell Marceau are divine! If you like the rough stuff, both fighting and fucking, this is the ONE!


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