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What a story, what a great story we have here, get ready because this one is awesome. Jewell Marceau has just come home from a long hard day and she wants to relax, for this buxom brunette that means masturbation. Her sexy work dress is pulled down freeing her large inviting breasts, off come the panties and in go the fingers. Now Jewell doesn’t pleasure herself like others, no she likes it rough even if she has to do it herself; a little hair pulling, some hard breast gouging and… Just when she’s really getting into it, someone knocks on the door and they won’t go away, hell, they even come in. It’s Celeste Star and Lyra Louvel, they are here to sell sex products, Jewell is in no mood for pushy sales women but they won’t take no for an answer, Lyra even demonstrates; the dildo goes in her mouth and the vibrator goes on the clit. They push harder and harder but still it’s a no, finally they force one last challenge, if Jewell can beat Celeste in a fight she can have all the products for free but if she loses she has to buy all of them. Jewell wants free products, the fight is on and a wild fight it is – let me just say these two ladies get wild but Jewell is bigger and stronger and gets the first pin. Celeste goes crazy but Jewell sits heavy on her face as she pulls her sexy legs over her head and beats her gut like a drum. All this time Lyra watches getting so hot she frantically masturbates with all kinds of tools, the glass one is especially great. Everything gets real crazy when Lyra enters the fray, our salesladies are determined to win, even if that means beating the hell out of sexy Jewell. How many hits can one woman take, we may find out because they will not quit blasting her tummy and with each blow her voluptuous breasts bounce and flow in the sexiest of ways, once they have her stripped all three naked women really go crazy. The holds are amazing as the two naked beauties savage Jewell’s body with more hits than any human should have to withstand and holds like; double bow and arrow, double leg scissors, double straddle, and my favorite, double pin where one lies on Jewell then the other lies on top of her. What a story, what a fight, what a super sexy video !!!!


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