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Black, Asian & Caucasian – Part 1

You’ve seen our forced orgasm competition, where the one who forces

the other to orgasm the most loses. Well, let’s throw three girls into

this format and see what kind of sparks ignite. Ignite they do as the

three vixens, tear into each other. Oh yea, and lets throw out the

script too, making this an UNSCRIPTED free for all, AND, throw a brand

new girl into the mix. Starting with deep kissing, the action is very

tender and loving. but, as one girl orgasms, then another, then

another, the action heats up and becomes more aggressive as each girl

fights the urge to orgasm. That’s right, these girls want to WIN! And

winning means, fight that orgasm!! It’s amazing watching the girls

withhold their orgasms until they can’t hold out any more. What

torture it is when one girl is holding back another girls arms and

trapping her in a scissors, while the third girls fingers, licks and

grinds the prisoners pussy till the orgasm explodes. This is something

quite different from what we have offered in the past and we hope this

happens more. The mix between the 3 girls skin tones are quite the

contrast as Karlie Montana, being the veteran performer, takes the

lead, but then Mai and our new girl Ivy, rev it up as the action

spills onto the couch and the floor. The entire living room becomes an

arena for orgasm after orgasm after orgasm after orgasm.


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