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Toys, Tongues and Titillation

This time we throw 2 newer girls, Ivy Sherwood and Mai Mao Ly, in with

an expert of sexfighting, the incomparable Kalie Montana. The contrast

in skin tone sets the stage for a barnburner of a sex match. Ivy’s

dark complexion, Mai’s lighter skin tone, and Karlie’s alabaster

smooth skin make quite the color scheme as the three engage in a

“whomever makes the other cum more wins” match. We pick this up in the

bedroom and the trio tear into each other. Fingers, tongues, find

their mark, tribbing ensues, rubbing already wet pussies take up most

of the action as each girl gets her forced orgasms in. THE COME THE

TOYS!! Vibrators are used to perfection and the A DOUBLE HEADED DILDO

is pulled out as the two losers (or maybe we can call them winners, by

the look of ecstasy on their faces) are forced to grind face to face

and ass to ass until the LARGE dildo is buried deep deep in their

pussies. No spoilers here as to who gets the win, but this title will

not disappoint if you like smoking hot exotic girls forcing each other

to cum……and who doesn’t like THAT!!


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