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Evil Falls Upon Her

This title is a bit of a departure for Xtreme and we think you’ll like it. Are you familiar with the Hellraiser movies? Are you familiar with the pain, torture, and suffering the hot actresses endure in those scenes? Well, we have a good one for you. One of our terrific customers wanted a scene from Hellraiser re-enacted with the scrumptious, sexy, damsel in distress Karlie Montana as the tortured heroine. What follows is a terrific back and forth fight between Karlie and the Evil Lord. Karlie tries her best, but once her powers are stripped by a mysterious puzzle box, it’s all pain and torture from there. We pick up the post fight action in a gothic, basement type setting as Karlie is strung up by her wrists and ankles. Witness the magic of the Dark Lord as shackles are magically thrown on Karlie and her defiance soon turns to desperation. Helpless and weak, she is subjected to flogging, punching, slapping, spanking, hairpulling, breast and crotch fondling, as well as many other degrading and painful tortures. Karlie’s face is priceless as her fear is on display. Soon The Dark Lord presents a lighted object to her. It’s an egg vibrator!! Karlie squirms and pulls on her restraints to no avail. She tries to fight the pleasure but this is a magic vibrator. Waves and waves of pleasure fill her body as she orgasms over and over. Not content with this, Dark Lord slides the vibrator into her pussy… and leaves!! We are treated to Karlie orgasming over and over and over! No escape is possible and our heroine is defeated. Not a lot of wrestling or nudity (although she is topless) in this title, but seeing one of our best, Karlie Montana, get beaten, teased, denied, and pleasured, while in bondage, is a sight to behold.


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