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24 Min/596 MB/FULL HD

As Sexually Depraved As Two Can Be (part 2)

We at Xtreme are very proud bring you two of the newest and most sexually aggressive starlets we’ve had the pleasure work with. What you are about to witness is part 2 in the EPIC sex fight between blonde and beautiful Kenzie Reeves and the tanned exotic and stunning Harmony Wonder. Both girls threw everything they had into this fight. The passion, aggressiveness and sexual chemistry just jumps off the screen!! Starting off with Kenzie in the dominant position, we are treated to some of the most creative and aggressive tribbing around. The contrast between the two are pure poetry as multiple and creative trib positions are employed. Some foot biting and worship distracts Kenzie and now it’s Harmony’s turn to extract some revenge. Rolling Kenzie into a 69 position, Harmony goes to work on the blonde’s pussy and the fight escalates in intensity. Beautiful Xtreme close ups of both girls bodies and perfect pussies put you right there in the hotter than hell action. The girls get more and more turned on as they get more and more sexually depraved and dirty. Wresting moves, choking, spitting, biting, hair pulling, trash talking like you can’t believe. The outcome is setting up another rematch between the two and we can’t wait! What an amazing pairing of young beautiful rivals. Both with stunning beauty, incredible bodies, and amazing wet and turned on pussies! The action is very real as orgasms fly. Kenzie Reeves and Harmony Wonder are perfection together. You’ll definitely be seeing more from them in the future. That’s right, this rivalry is just getting started!


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