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Every one that saw the first part of this was xtremely impressed and would never believe they could go just as hard if not harder in the bedroom. Kimber Woods and Cassidy Klein, yes these two young dynamos are still able to make each other cum over and over till they literally have nothing left and both said they could do no more, their pussies were so sore by the end they could barely touch them. These are real orgasms by two beautiful youngsters that just love sex, never will you see girls so tuned on by each other, so willing to give and get sex, they shudder from the deep fingers, scream from the wet tongues and moan from the slippery tribbing. With joy you will watch them devour each other, they can’t get enough until it just becomes too painful, they are literally too sore from all the sex – we really did have to cut because the girls could take no more, they loved it so much they went to the point of real pain and exhaustion. It’s amazing and all real, you will feel like you are there as their moans, groans and screams of ecstasy fill your ears and make you smile with the same joy that cums from every cell of their bodies. This is something you have to see to believe !!!!!


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