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Slip Sliding Away

You’ve got oil, you’ve got the great outdoors, and you’ve got ultra hot Kymberly Jane and dominant vixen Ariel X. Yes, it’s a barnburner in oil as the two slip, slide, grope, finger, lick, fight and generally bang the shit out of each other. The scene is set on a mat, outdoors in Xtreme heat as the two babes oil each other up before getting down to it. At first the battle is back and forth as one, then the other pleasure and fight each other with NOTHING held back. Nude is the order of the day and the oil just makes things sexy as hell as they slide all over each other fingering, wrestling, scissoring, 69-ing, and anything else they can think of to pleasure AND torture the other. Normally Ariel would kill Kymberly, but the slippery oil is a great equalizer as it becomes harder and harder to keep a hold on the other. Don’t worry though, they move to another equally sexy position and dig those fingers and tongues in. After a sexy slippery match, one battler gets the better of the other and REALLY starts to show her the meaning of the word OIL SUBMISSION! OK, that was 2 words but who cares!! It’s Kymberly and Ariel wrestling, exploring every sexy position, outdoors on a hot day, in the oil!! Get this title and see who gives the other the oil orgasms of the decade!!


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