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OK… you saw Ariel X as Black Widow utterly and sexually defeat

Kymberly Jane as Purple Passion in a mind control super heroine

battle, but wait!! What happens when the unexpected happens and they

are both stripped of their superpowers. That’s right, it’s a sexual

battle to the finish of “real world girls” when a magic light turns

both warriors into nude, battling babes.. This time it’s a bit more

even as both hotties battle back and forth trying to get the upper

hand. Scissors combined with clit rubbing, face sitting leading to

licking and grinding is the order of the day as both girls try to make

the other orgasm. Let me say that Kymberly and Ariel put on a show for

the ages as sexual energy combines with sexy wrestling holds. Who’s

the winner of this encounter? No spoilers here, but I will say that

it’s you the viewer who’s the ultimate winner.


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