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The 50 Shades of Layla and Cherie

We got her!! Exotic, smoldering, sexually explosive and hot as fuck! There’s a new girl on the Xtreme block and her name is Layla Sin. That’s right, the one and only Penthouse Pet (who’s currently up for Pet Of The Year) is here to challenge our Current Xtreme Female Fighting Champion, Angela Sommers for her title. But you can’t just walk right up and face the champion without proving yourself. So we contracted to have Layla face the one and only, sexual machine, Cherie Deville. This is her test match to see if she is ready for Angela. What follows is quite simply one of the most erotic matches we’ve ever seen. Sex wrestling is the name of the game here as Layla more than proves her worth. After losing the championship[ to Angela, Cherie is hungry for another shot. She thinks she’s going to walk right over the newbie and force her to orgasm over and over again. You think Layla is just going to lay down and let it happen? NO WAY! Layla lays into Cherie and the veteran is surprised at the smoldering sexy vixen’s wrestling ability and sexual prowess. Starting with a test of strength and deep deep kissing, two super bodies implode as fingers, tongues, and even feet explore every region of their bodies. Back and forth the action goes. Layla gets a quick fall and Cherie knows she’s in the sexfight of her life. She knows she underestimated the exotic, tall newcomer and needs to step it up. Don’t worry, step it up she does. Cherie goes on the offensive and gives as good as she gets. To see these two in sex action is incredible. Throw in wrestling moves and holds like surfboards, camel clutches, airplane spins, and you’ve got a match! Tribbing, oral, facesitting, licking, sucking,…you name it it’s here! I could go on and on about how amazing these two are together as they both begin to “like it but don’t like it’ as they try to not orgasm. Yea, that doesn’t happen. Multiple orgasms abound and they just don’t let up. The winner not only gets to challenge Angela for the championship, but gets to take the loser into the bedroom to be her slave. This is saved for part 2, out soon. Does Layla surprise Cherie and move on to face Angela? Or is a Cherie vs. Angela rematch going to happen. You have to see it to believe it. Layla is an amazing new find and you’ll be seeing more of her … FOR SURE!!


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