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Bedroom Brawl for the Pet

Are you ready for the current Penthouse Pet of the Year Layla Sin, in a knock down drag out bedroom sex brawl with perennial girl next door favorite Serena Blair? I hope your ready, because the chemistry that unfolded between the two of them is pure magic. Sultry sexy, olive skinned, and beautiful as fuck Layla really brought her A game to this one, and Serena was more than up to the challenge. We didn”t know what to expect. Serena, the strong competitive wrestler, in the bedroom with the sex goddess Layla. Who would come out on top in this one? Well, as I said, Layla brought her A game, along with a strap on and a few toys. She jumped right on Serena and quickly made the stronger girl her sex toy. Layla was relentless as she took Serena apart with her tongue, fingers, dildos, vibrators, and finally a mean hard strap on! You’ll marvel as Layla slams Serena from behind, on top, sideways, backwards forwards, every which way, but never turns her loose. The look in Serena’s eyes give away the fact that she just might be liking this a little too much and could lose the match. Layla is a true sexual animal and takes pleasure in forcing Serena to take her in every sexual way possible. There is some good wrestling on display here as well, but we have to say, it was dominated by Layla’s sexual appetite. It’s evident that Serena has to step it up, but don’t count her out. Serena comes back with reckless abandon and gives Layla as good as she got. Layla is taken hard and given the sexual beating of her life. This one is as good as it gets. Feast your eyes on the Penthouse Pet of the Year in a bedroom brawl that has to be seen to be believed. If you thought super pretty girls like Layla couldn’t devours a stronger girl, check this one out. You’ll watch it again and again and again and -.again!!


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