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Lucky O’shea is one gorgeous super heroine but she does not live up to her name, no she is not lucky in this one, probably because she’s in with a real destroyer, the one and only Ariel X and X is looking to eat some heroine meat. She’s not much on super power either as Ariel soon has her stripped except for a few pieces of her costume, but her breasts and crotch are now open targets and we know how Ariel loves destroying these targets. Such a great contrast with X’s brown skin and Lucky’s white sleek veneer, Ariel puts her in so many great positions all aimed at sexual humiliation, it all begins when Ariel puts her golden Lasso around Lucky’s neck and chokes as X goes for her pussy and once she has her turned one she has her – she forces her to worship her feet and Lucky gets so sexy on these feet, she can swallow. Ariel so enjoys making our super hero orally stimulate her, even after she strips her she wakes her up hanging on the ropes so her crotch is in her face ready for gratification – you just have to see the amazing positions X has in store for our hero, over the turnbuckle upside down and through the ropes to check her oil. So many sexual positions that allow tongues and fingers to go deep – this is one fun match !!!!!!


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