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Who Wears The Crown?

Lyra Law (Champion) vs. Abigail Mac (Challenger)

The Tiara Championship has been quite the series for us all. BEAUTIFUL women, strong, athletic, sexual girls, have all competed for the crown. As we remember Lyra Law pulled an upset victory over Angela Sommers. Now it’s the sexy, incredible wrestling and sex machine, Abigail Mac vying for the title. This wrestling and orgasm explosions will determine who walks away with the crown. Can Abigail’s fitness, and wrestling ability keep up with our resident sexual animal Lyra? Feast your eyes on this one because it is as good as it gets! The girls start with body to body cat balling and every time they roll we can’t help but notice the perfect bodies and asses on these two. Lyra starts to dominate with a camel clutch, using Abigail’s own hair to choke her. Pulling back on Abigail’s neck we see the pain and torment the brunette beauty is going through. Then Lyra stands her up for some deep kissing before throwing her down and sliding her talented tongue inside of Abigail’s pussy. This is where Lyra shines, Waves and waves of pleasure wash over Abigail as Lyra REALLY goes to town with some HOT oral sex. Don’t count Abigail out just yet. Her secret weapon in about to come out. Using her compact, superior strength, she turns the tide and begins the hottest and deepest tribbing you’ll see. Lyra can’t take it and, although she tries to resist, the trib orgasm comes loud and heavy. So much pleasure the seductive blonde literally passes out after a trembling shaking violent orgasm. Ready for round 2 the hotties engage in some great sex wrestling. Test of strength, deep kissing, tit to tit bearhugs punches, kicking, FACESITTING that has to be seen to be believed. Brutal nipple pinching and twisting, choking, pussy grabbing, 69 with DEEP oral. It’s literally all here as Lyra and Abigail give it their all, sexually and with expert wrestling moves! If you’re a fan of hot tribbing, great wrestling, incredible shaking orgasms and two of the hottest in the biz. THIS IS FOR YOU. Does Lyra retain her championship? Or will Abigail wear the Tiara Crown? Get this title and find out!!


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