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WOW – get ready for one wild ride, this is one tough battle, so vicious with savage hits to breasts, crotch, gut and face and why, well – it seems Lyra Law in her super sexy black cocktail dress is at a party with Reagan Foxx where Reagan confronts her for sleeping with her husband and stealing part of their company. When confronted with this Lyra not only admits to it but tells her she will also be taking her part of the company, this is more than Reagan can take and she stands to have it out with this little tart. Now Reagan is a sweet corporate wife and not at all ready for this street smart wild woman so when Lyra attacks her she doesn’t know how to react but Lyra does; she goes for a quick choke on the beautiful brunette then proceeds to strip her out of her sexy little black dress. Reagan tries to fight back but this wild blonde is just too much as she attacks every part of Reagan’s gorgeous body, slapping her voluptuous breasts, then slapping her now vulnerable crotch, even slaps her hard across the face, then ax handle blows to the gut. Now in control Lyra makes her foe take off her heels and panties with her teeth, then of course comes the satisfaction of oral sex that Reagan dutifully preforms and of course Lyra can’t help getting Reagan hot as she plunges her tongue deep into both pussy and ass – driving Reagan crazy, oh, she wants to hate this little hussy but damn, it all feels so good! From pain to pleasure and back again – this is one wild ride – these two ladies are amazing together and soo sooo hot, so strap in because this is one hell of a wild ride !!!!!


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