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You saw the sex fight, now for the sex, that’s right Lyra Louvel beat Angela Sommers for the crown in their amazing sex fight – so many amazing positions and so many vibrating orgasms. In the bedroom Lyra still wears the crown and now decides to show Angela just how much she deserves to be the queen of sex. Now Angela has been with a lot of women and she truly enjoys her sex, so it takes a lot to impress her – SHE WAS IMPRESSED. No one devours a woman sexually like Lyra, and she has wanted Angela for a long time, yes she lusted after that hot blonde. She loves her lips, her tongue, her pert nipples, her rotund ass and mostly her wet pussy – with abandon she attacks each of these and drives Angela absolutely crazy pushing her into some tremendous orgasms. Lyra sinks her tongue into Angela’s mouth, then over her nipples, then into both vagina and ass – so much so Angela squirms and squeals with delight. Lest it all be one sided, Angela also pleases Lyra: attacking her gorgeous ass with her wet pussy, then licking up her juices as her tongue goes hard into Lyra, but soon Lyra is back on top so she can plant her wet pussy on Angela’s dripping pussy and tribb – harder and harder she slams and slides their hot wet sex organs together till those organs hit a crescendo as both beauties climax. Sex, sex and more sex as Lyra proves why she is the queen of sex !!!!!!

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