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Two of the most highly sexed ladies we know are about to fight for the crown, Lyra Louvel and Angela Sommers are ready to have one hell of a sex battle. We start with a naked Lyra waking up and stroking her gorgeous pussy as she readies for Angela’s arrival – bikini, heels and crown are worn by an angry Angela as she tells Lyra she doesn’t have a chance. So who is the best sex fighter, who will wear the crown – only a classic fight can determine that. A test of strength starts the fight as Lyra says she plans on ripping Angela’s bikini off, they whip each other around the room as each strives for dominance, and each achieves it. Lyra does rip off that bikini and when she mounts Angela she goes crazy on her, chokes her then kisses and licks her all over, in go the fingers and out comes her long tongue that is inserted into Angela’s now throbbing pussy. Now it’s the big blonde’s turn as she wraps her strong shapely legs around Lyra’s thin waist and squeezes so hard she twists her whole body around, Lyra’s long mane whips back and forth then with one last twist she rolls her over and sits on her face, now she can go after Lyra’s amazing pussy. Each takes their turn and thrilling orgasms are had by all, so vast are these orgasms that the girls even pass out – only to be brought back for more wild sex, deep kissing, tribbing and fabulous sex positions, especially when one lady is dangled over the couch where sex again is so grand she passes out. Only one lady can leave with the sex crown, and when the two battlers are two of the most highly sexed ladies around – well, it has to be; ONE HELL OF A SEX BATTLE !!!!!!!

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