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Christina’s Surprise

A classic match up between the ever popular Christina Carter and the sexy smoldering new girl, Lyra Louvel. Let me say right off the bat that Lyra has become quite the find. She revels in making girls cum and this is on display in abundance here. She’s been asking to work with Christina since the two met at a convention over 3 months ago, and she took full advantage of it with Xtreme. Christina was even a little shocked at how much Lyra made her cum. No fake orgasms here. These girls exude chemistry with each other and made each other cum over and over and over. We pick it up in the bedroom and Lyra immediately makes her presence known as she begins to finger and deep kiss Christina. Both girls heat up immediately as Lyra worships Christina’s body sucking and playing with her nipples, bootylicious ass, and massive tits. You can see how turned on Christina gets so now it’s her turn to show Lyra why she is one of the best. Pushing Lyra down she starts to lick her pussy from all angles. Many times we get crisp clear close ups of both Christina and Lyra’s tongues darting in and out of each others pussies like rapid fire machine guns. These two are truly a site to behold as we get some erotic ass licking combined with fingering that drives both women crazy. The moans and groans of pleasure are the real thing as these two absolutely devour each other.Fingering, pussy licking, ass licking, and a tribbing scene that has to be seen to be believed. It’s rare to find two girls with such a sexual appetite for each other. Especially the first time they work together. We wanted to make this a “whomever orgasm the most loses” match, but that went right out the window at the start. This is just a perfect example of a veteran performer, and a new girl who stands toe to toe with one of the best. We lost count of the orgasms but just sat back and enjoyed the action. No cuts, no script, just plenty of aggressive sexual abandon. Lyra Louvel is going to be a mainstay and we’re all lucky for that. You, us, AND the girls she works with. REAL orgasms flying back and forth and two girls who can’t wait to do this again. This title is a gem. If you’re looking for realism, you WILL NOT be disappointed! I can’t say enough about how much we love this one. Insanely hot girls who really like each other, great bodies, and beautiful natural lighting bring it all together.


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