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Eva Karera is on her couch waiting for her husband to come home, she is in her dom clothes and is so excited she can’t help touching herself. She knows her husband loves it when she goes into her domination mode, and he also loves her dom clothes; tight black suit that has her mammoth breasts absolutely bulging out, and the high laced black heels really top it off. There’s the door, he’s home – no, it’s a gorgeous blonde in a sexy bikini. So hubby has a girlfriend and we have a fight – the dom plans on making this little man stealing waif her bitch. Of course Lyra Louvel has other ideas and plans on showing this dom she’s just a poser and when it comes to sex Lyra is the real dom. The fight is on and the bigger Eva doms first as she pulls Eva to the floor by her hair and rolls over on her, over and over they go till Eva has sleek Lyra nude. But watch out because we all know what an amazing sex fighter Lyra is, when she goes down on a woman that woman stays down! A nude Lyra now pushes the statuesque Eva on the couch and Lyra mounts her face -the sex begins. Soon they are back on the floor where Lyra can get her fingers and tongue to work, she works her magic on Eva’s amazing breasts then goes to her pussy and the dom finds out what real sex domination is. Both ladies are soon in full sex mode as Eva loses her sexy dom suit, now our nude warriors can get down to the business of orgasms. A sixty-nine has them both quivering on the edge of ecstasy and when Lyra smashes her pretty face into Eva’s butt crack – well Eva now knows who’s boss. Eva’s huge breasts vibrate and quiver with each orgasm – sex like she’s always wanted it – sex like we have all always wanted it – all the way !!!!!!

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