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Time To Tussle and Tease

This one has it all! One from our vaults featuring two of the hottest stars in the biz. Evil Ariel X takes on the stunning damsel Melissa Jacobs in one of the best bedroom battles we’ve seen. Starting with Melissa admiring her perfect nude body in the mirror, Ariel jumps in to attack. Trapping Melissa’s arms behind her back she throws her foe down hard on the bed. From there we have a fantastic wrestling match from two girls who know the holds. Both nude from start to finish they tumble and roll into perfectly executed holds. All the while sexually stimulating each other. A double arm choke by Ariel starts the action as Melissa’s body is stretched to the limit. Arm bars, camel clutches, body scissors, and a leg stretch muffler are used to perfection by Ariel as she takes command. Melissa’s body is tormented, pulled and tortured. What a sight this is as we see Melissa’s perfect body in every position and hold. Ariel really knows how to do a beat down on a babyface wrestler and she does it with force and passion. Melissa counters by fingering Ariel to try to distract her. Ariel comes back with more pro wrestling holds including head scissors, back bending, and a rear naked choke that has Melissa in trouble. Melissa’s expressions are priceless as she succumbs to her dominating opponent. Ariel is far from finished with her though. After some facesitting, she ties Melissa up, spread eagle to the bed, and the fun starts. Ariel sucks Melissa’s toes and works her way up from there. There’s no escape for Melissa as Ariel begins to tease and deny Melissa body and pussy. Over and over she brings her to the edge of orgasm, only to stop and watch Melissa whimper and beg. Pussy licking, fingering, rubbing are all used to make Melissa come to the brink or ecstasy. Then Ariel brings out the big guns and grabs a hitachi magic wand. The magic wand on her clit and Ariel’s fingers and tongue inside her drives Melissa wild and her wide eyed cries of wanting to cum fill the room. Will Ariel give her tied up prisoner the orgasm she so desperately craves? Get this one and find out if the explosion happens. Great wrestling holds, great sexual tactics and a bondage tease and denial scene with Ariel dominating the sweet and pure Melissa. What more could anyone ask for?


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