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Bondage, fighting and orgasms, oh my – bondage, fighting and orgasms, oh my – bondage, fighting and orgasms, OH BOY ! That’s right is moving into another realm, oh we we’ve done a lot of forced orgasms but this one is so different as you will see. Melissa Jacobs is super heroine Ninja Kitten and she is out to get the evil Lady Phantom ( Diana Knight ), the masked Ninja Kitten has found their hideout and is looking for all the young sex slaves she is hiding when the Phantom and her hencHOT MATCHESan come after her but our Kitten has some lethal powers as the big hencHOT MATCHESan finds out, yes she is fiery to the touch so when touched or when she touches she burns into them, making her quite a formidable opponent as our big fellow finds out the hot way. But now it’s lady Phantom’s turn to do battle and we soon find her secret power is the ability to disappear and reappear at will, the fight that ensues leads to a trap that finds our sexy super heroine splayed, her hands tied and hung from the ceiling and her feet tied and stretched apart. The evil Phantom now strokes her sexy restrained body, then unmasks the vulnerable Kitten. Ninja Kitten struggles valiantly, she screams until the ball gag is jammed into her mouth. Now comes Phantom’s revenge as she plans to make our little Kitten her sex Kitten – it’s a forced orgasm with no ending that she has in store for her sex Kitten. Out comes more rope and a vibrator, I leave the rest to your imagination, but suffice it to say, it sends shivers up our little kitten, shivers and vibrations that send our sex Kitten into eternal orgasmic heaven, then hell – BONDAGE, FIGHTING AND ORGASMS – OH BOY !!!!


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