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We’re Not Done Yet

Since we had such an amazing response to Christina Carter vs. Mindi Mink Part 1, we decided to come back with a 1 – 2 punch and release Christina vs. Mindi part 2! Opening in the bedroom, the two lovelies had just battled a best of three match in the living room. So, it’s off to the bedroom we go with another round of bed wrestling, explosive sex, and aggressive strap on action. Throwing each other on the bed the girls begin to grapple for position. Christina takes the lead and POUNDS Mindi with missionary style tribbing. Soon she moves into a leg up trib and really gives it to Midi hard!. Mindi doesn’t take this lying down (literally) and reverses the trib into her own aggressive leg up dominant position You can see the grit and determination on both girls faces as grappling and pleasure soon melt into one orgasm after another! Deep kissing, tit to tit fighting, 69 with CLOSE UPS of two perfect pussies getting licked and sucked. Fingering, ass play, and more sexual bed wrestling continue until Christina whips out the big guns. Yes, it’s Christina’s strap on humiliation of Mindi, and Mindi is loving it! First sucking the cock to lube it up, Mindi really goes to town on it. You can imagine what her lips would feel like around your cock as the close ups put you right there! Next is doggie style fucking and hair pulling by Christina as well as missionary strap on fucking like you’ve never seen! The action continues and the finale is priceless as a mouth dildo is used on Mindi. Christina is breathtaking as she plants her perfect round ass right on Mindi’s face. Christina rides the dildo for all she’s worth, getting off explosively! The icing on this sex filled cake is a solo masterbation performance of Christina getting herself off on the couch looking directly at you! Aggressive bed wrestling and phenomenal sexual chemistry between these two stunning MILFs. This one is orgasm central!


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