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You think you know Mindi Mink because you saw her with Idelsy in XFF-0203 and 0205, she was a sultry buxom brunette that ate Idelsy in a slow sexy meal, so when Christina Carter challenges her to a best two out of three round match – well, we thought this wouldn’t be much of a fight – boy were we wrong, Mindi is one tough M.I.L.F. and you are going to love watching her revel in her strength. But first both ladies get ready for the match as each starts out nude and talking some real trash about her opponent as they stretch and show off their amazing bodies, then they come together and change for the match, the sparks really fly as they bump busty chests and insult the hell out of each other. The match starts and we have a real robust romp as each babe rips the sexy suit off her foe – it’s hard cat fighting with some great forced sex. Mindi just loves slamming her large tits in Christina’s face for a real smother, and Christina loves face sitting Mindi and forcing her to lick her pussy. It’s rough and tough as each of these big babes lets loose her wild side and we are treated to some sexy battling with each lady winning a fall. Time for the final fall, from floor to couch they battle their large breasts sway from side to side as they frolic around the room, each forcing her will and sex on her fem foe. You know and love Christina and you are going to love this spunky Mindi, wow – the ladies are so sexy in their posing, in their wrestling and in their forced and enjoyed sex. This is a Mindi you gotta see, and feel, because you will be so close at times you will feel both of these amazing beauties — ENJOY !!!!!!!


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