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Play Misty On Her

Wow, the reaction to the last matches with Misty Stone and Aaliyah Love were so outstanding we are happy to bring them back for an encore, only this time they are in the fighting gangs and we are going to see how tough they are – hell, we already know how tough Misty is, she may have one wild mouth but she can really back it up but how about this beautiful blonde? Misty shows up in her fighting gear and she is talking some high tone shit, she is giving it to everyone especially Ariel who she claims is running away from her. Aaliyah shows up and since they are in rival groups the shit hits the fan, no actually the drink hits Misty – that’s right this spunky blonde throws her drink on Misty and you can imagine what happens next – well you would be wrong because while Misty is wild mad the blonde gets her in a head lock and throws the bronze beauty to the couch going hard after her but we all know you can’t hold Misty down for long and when she gets her bearings she plays Misty on Aaliyah – oh yes she does, she goes craaazy with a killer camel clutch where Misty fish hooks her mouth till she looks like a demented clown and this is only the beginning. She spanks that pussy and that ass as we find out just how much pain our cute little blonde can endure, bend that body and walk her like your pet, put her in a face sit that really does smother her — PLAY MISTY ON HER – as only Misty love can do – !!!!!!


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