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Spit on me, you –

Spit on me – spit in me, that’s right that’s how bad these babes are, Misty is super pissed that Aaliyah is fucking her husband and after a heated phone call these two decide to meet up and have it out. Misty Stone is with out a doubt one of the most beautiful and hottest black ladies in the business and Aaliyah Love is one of the hottest white babes around so we know we are in for a real treat, nobody can dish out the talk like Misty but Aaliyah is giving it a real shot, she is not taking any shit from this spicy black babe. When these gals meet it’s not just who can out insult the other, no – they soon strip off their party dresses to see who has the best body – then one spits on the other and of course that spit brings a return saliva spray. We are off, they want to see who is the most depraved as they even spit into each others mouths, which leads to some very wet kissing. Soon their insults push them into forced sex – I’ll show you whose the most depraved! Hands go crazy on pussies as they slap and rub looking for forced orgasms, then of course comes the hard tribbing, pussy to pussy they rub and twist – then of course it’s butt to pussy, that’s right they put those luscious big booties in the now very wet pussies, and let me tell you these are two fabulous asses, round by the pound, two of the very best – black and white, both represented great in this match. Don’t spit on me you bitch !!!!!


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