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We saw them wrestle in that amazing first episode of this incredible match, now they go for non stop sex as they vie to turn each other on then fuck the hell out of each other. Ivy Sherwood, Anna Foxxx and Misty Stone are at it again and if you thought they were hot in the first release, well they were just getting warmed up because now they are attacking their succulent black bodies in bed. Hold on because this is non stop turn on – first they double team sweet Anna as each sucks on a pert breast, then she is laid down for some real deep oral sex, yes each babe gets her turn at being double sexed, then out come the dildos and vibrators – these girls just can’t get enough and neither will you. Their sleek ebony bodies shine from the licking and sweat and they are just getting going. Deep go the hard dildos, one jams it in while the other strokes and kisses her breasts – harder and faster they go – they are so loving it – THESE LADIES LOVE THEIR SEX! Get ready here comes the double headed dildo and if this shot doesn’t turn you on you better check your pulse cause your dead – their bountiful butts bounce together as that double dildo gets slammed in deep to the screams of pleasure and flesh smacking. And they still aren’t done – wild and wonderful, three is the perfect number for pleasure when those three are some of the hottest ladies in the world !!!!


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