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Get ready because Misty Stone is letting go! Have you seen Misty get wild yet, well if not you are in for a real treat because she just loves sexual aggression and Mia Li is finding out just how scary that can be. When last we left this match XFF-0201, Mia had been beat in one hot wrestling battle, her hands were tied and our black beauty was just stating her sexual rampage, we begin this one with the gorgeous Asian still tied and on her knees, the hard bodied Ms. Stone makes her pay homage to her then puts her in a devastating camel clutch pulling sweet Mia up to to the breaking point, her brown body bends so far as she screams in pain, then to a sitting grapevine so Misty can use a vibrator on the aroused Asian, Mia is so exciting when she is aroused as her large eyes pop and her amazing nipples get so hard. Next Misty like a gunslinger straps on her guns or in this case her dick, it rests snug around her perfect ass and hips, she adjusts her cock as she readies to stick it deep inside the appealing brunette and deep it goes. Misty sits on the couch as she makes Mia sit on her and bounce wildly up and down while that big cock slides in further and further. Then to the bathroom where Mia is throw in the shower to get her good and wet so she can ready her for the big time – the bedroom. In the bedroom comes the real ponding as Misty rams her big cock in as Mia is forced in all kinds of sexual positions, especially doggy style where Mia’s amazing ass gets one hell of a work out. Misty gets so excited she even throws Mia outside naked then brings her back in for so much more. Add in some fabulous 69 duel licking as well as some forced oral sex and you have one hell of an explicit arousing sexual extravaganza with one of the most luscious Asian beauties around and the great gorgeous Misty Stone – so, if you haven’t seen Misty let go sexually – IT’S TIME !!!!!!!!


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