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Two new Euro girls that are learning to wrestle – they decide to practice their moves but sexy Gena has a novel idea; the loser has to please the winner sexually. This is just the kind of match we like, some great holds mixed in with some great sex. Oh and it’s so nice to see girls so excited about everything, and Nesty is one excited young lady – so eager is this ivory skinned blonde both for the the wrestling and the sex but it’s Gena that suggests the sex so we know where her heart lies. Gena is a very interesting lady, if you like your girls very thin, bronzed and rock hard than this is the girl for you, yes there is something very sexy about this girl. They work the bow and arrow, bear hugs, back breaker, kneeling surfboard and arm bar, and then they get naked for the sex, remember I said there was something sexy about Gena, well when she puts her beautiful tan face to Nesty’s soft white breasts we soon find out, never have I seen a girl kiss and suck breasts with such delight, the whole tit gets sucked into her inviting mouth, the sounds of her licking and sucking are just fabulous and Nesty agrees as she gets so excited. The other fabulous scene besides of course when they are eating each other out is when Gena is on top in a grapevine, she is able to get her flexible body to rub against Nesty – her pussy rubs across Nesty’s soft belly, over and over she rubs the suspended girl till she gets so hot – trust me you will get hot for this one too, love this scene. Two newcomers learning the holds, having a good time and enjoying their sex — we love the Euro girls !!!!!


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