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Extreme Amazon Attack

It seems Olivia Austin is getting very popular with our fans. Perennial favorite Christina Carter wants to put the new girl in her place, so let’s get ready to wrestle and fuck! Last time we saw the Xtreme wrestling and sex fighting contest between these two gorgeous amazons was tied at 1 fall each. We pick it up on the final fall. Whomever takes this final fall, will beat down the loser and drag her to the bedroom for more torture and sex. These two match up perfectly. Blonde vs brunette, tall statuesque perfect bodies side by side. If you’re an ass man you’re going to LOVE these two. Christina takes charge early throwing Olivia to the ground and planting her bodacious ass right on Olivia’s face! The poor blonde is smothered in Christina’s ass and pussy. Surfboards, scissors, TONS of tit and ass smothers take place as Christina takes charge and humiliates the beautiful blonde. After a thorough thrashing, Christina takes Olivia by the hair and leads her down the hall to the bedroom of doom! From there it’s deep kissing, fingering, Xtreme TRIBBING, pussy and ass licking. It’s all here, as both girls fight and sex each other up to the MAX! The orgasms fly and with these two, and it’s truly a site to see. Both girls cum and cum again until Christina takes charge and seeks to humiliate the blonde. She grabs a strap-on and forces the blonde to suck it good. Then she proceeds to give Olivia the fucking of her life! She fucks Olivia doggie style, missionary. cowgirl, and every other way you can think of. Not content with just beating her, Christina places a mouth dildo on Olivia and puts her beautiful pussy on it. Riding, grinding, smothering, humiliating Olivia’s face until Christina gets herself off one last time. What a match with two of the hottest amazons around. A final treat is Christina treating us to a solo maturation scene and she gets herself off yet again! This one is a scorcher for all lovers of beautiful full asses and tits!! Christina Carter, Olivia Austin, you’ll LOVE this one!


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