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Let’s Take It To The Ring

These two just can’t seem to get enough of each other. Olivia wants to show Christina who’s boss in this one as she shows up with her championship belt. Chriatina thinks this is funny since Olivia lost the last match and had her ass handed too her (and licked, and fucked, and everything else you can think of in their last encounter). Both girls are wearing just the tiniest of g-strings. Only a thin thin string of material that doesn’t even cover their beautiful moist pussies is the wardrobe of the day. Their pussy lips cannot be concealed. So get ready for a sex wrestling pussy grabbing extravaganza with two of the most aggressive and hottest girls in the biz. Tit punching, tribbing, deep facesiting and other wresting moves and holds abound as the two hellcats tear into each. We are then witness to THE MOST XTREME wedgies you’ll see. The material of their micro g-sctrigs tear into each other sensitive flesh as screams and torture fill the room. As in the first match, Christina starts to assert her experience and dominance, as she pulsl off Olivia’s bottoms and starts to tear at her vulnerable pussy. Throwing her up against the ropes for leverage, Christina fingers Olivia deep and just has her way with the beautiful blonde. Weaving her in and out of the ropes and corner turnbuckles, Christina tit punches Olivia hard, all the while keeping the attack up pulling on Olivia’s sensitive pussy. Of course Christina takes advantage sexually as well. 69, tribbing, pussy eating, fingering. When Christina takes control, she does it as only Christina Carter can. With every sexually aggressive bone in her body. A final face claw in the center of the ring and a hard deep face sit finish off the defeated blonde. Christina takes this opportunity to get herself off on the now unconscious Olivia. If you like perfect pussies being tortured with fingers, scratching, pulling, and unbelievable wedgies.This one is for YOU!


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