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The Ultimate Bombshells Collide

Has there ever been 2 more delicious, sexy, and delectable women warriors in one fight? When we first met Olivia Austin, we were amazed at her beauty, body, and athletic abilities. She’s a natural born fighter and LOVES to mix it up. Who better to put her against than our gorgeous resident one woman wrecking crew, Christina Carter. Blonde vs. brunette in a wrestling explosion that has to be seen. Both girls statuesque bodies match up perfectly. We were excited to see the results and we were simply BLOWN AWAY! We start with some sexy build up as Olivia is nude in the bedroom, getting ready with striking lingerie. She seductively shows her incredible body to the camera, preparing for a wrestling battle with Christina Carter herself. Seems Olivia had been flirting with one of Christina’s main guys at a pool party in Vegas a few days ago. This does NOT sit well with Christina and the two went at each other. The fight was broken up but they soon decide to finish what they started with no one around to stop the action, except you, the viewer! ACTION is just what jumps off the screen. After Olivia prepares, we are treated to the goddess Christina putting on her battle lingerie and showing off her amazing body to the camera. Once the girls come together to fight, it’s a barnburner beyond most matches we’ve shot. Two amazing hellcats tearing into each other with pro style and sexual moves that has one, then the other on the offensive. They decide on a best of three and we witness one of the most sexy, explosive, aggressive matches in quite some time. Great boob smothering, hard scissors, rear naked chokes, Boston Crabs, slapping, more choking, Christina may not have been expecting the talent and aggressive nature of Olivia Austin, but, this is Christina Carter!! She punished Olivia with a head scissors pushing Olivia’s head deed into her pussy. Reverse and forward facesitting, sleepers and more.Olivia comes back with arm bars, camel clutches. It’s all here, including sexual moves that start to really turn on both fighters. One of the best, delivered by only two of the best can. Olivia Austin, Christina Carter, the amazon battle of the ages! A MUST SEE!


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