PRINZZESS & ARIEL X – Part 1 of 2


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How about some hard core fighting with some forced orgasms and lots of pussy destruction. For this let’s get two of the toughest ladies we know, Ariel X and Prinzzess, they both love to fight and they both love stroking a beautiful body, but today they are out for destruction. Ariel gives a distress call to Prinzzess but it’s just a trap and when she gets there all hell breaks out as X attacks stripping the blonde naked and putting on some killer holds; bow and arrow, head scissors with breast and crotch gouging, Boston crab, standing surf board and camel clutch. But never count the spunky blonde out, she breaks free and goes for some revenge filled payback, her bow and arrow has her arching to destruction, her Boston crab has her foot coming down hard into X’s vulnerable crotch, the camel clutch is supplemented with the bikini in Ariel’s mouth to choke her and the face sit is slammed down on X’s sweet face as the blonde proceeds to slap Ariel’s shaved pussy. This is destructive pussy slapping and Prinzzess enjoys it so much she keeps going back to it, so much so that poor X gets very red down there. The destruction just keeps on coming till she forces an orgasm and then demeans her. It’s a sad ending for poor Ariel but do not thinks it’s over – not by a long shot, there is a second part to this one that ends up in the ring where Ariel gets some pay back, so be ready as it will be coming in the future. These two are really tough on each other, not many girls can get a rough as these two so get ready for some hard core fighting !!!!!


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