PRINZZESS & ARIEL X – Part 2 of 2


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So Here it is, everyone loved Ariel X vs Prinzzess #1 so much they were anxious to see the sequel – and #2 is even hotter, now it’s Ariel’s turn to get some payback for all those incredibly hard slaps she took to the pussy in #1. And it’s payback she gets as she chases Prinzzess to the ring where we know how comfortable X is, get ready for some of the best sex holds ever, yes Ariel X preforms her magic; a knee thrust hard into the blondes crotch as she raises her off the mat, a thing of beauty, then she rolls Prinzzess to her side using the blondes own arm to choke herself, she wraps a leg around hers as she goes for that juicy center, hard she claws Prinzzess’ now very vulnerable pussy. Eventually our Prinzzess works her way free and getting X on all fours she secures Ariel’s head between her legs and bends over her beautiful ass when she now goes for the gold between her legs. Boy are these two brutal, both want satisfaction and it can only come at the expense of their foe, fabulous holds all to one end; sexual dominance – maybe one other desire; sexual satisfaction. If you liked the fist one then get ready because #2 is just as savage, maybe more !!!!


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