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Randy and Cherie- Will This Ever End?

We’ve seen them in the ring. We’ve seen them in the living room. Now,

we witness another in a long running feud between the two hot as hell

blonde bombshells. Randy Moore and Cherie Deville take it to the

bedroom this time for one of the most sexually charged battles we’ve

seen between these two. It looks like the bedroom is a perfect setting

for this as wrestling moves turn into sexual holds. First one, then

the other make each other cum multiple times. Fingers, tongues, find

they’re way into soft, moist, perfect pussies and the battle of the

orgasms is on. Bring a vibrator into the mix and the explosions

continue into a sex battle frenzy. Wresting fans take note….these

women know the holds and know how to use them. The match is more sex

than wrestling, but we see some interesting ways to bend a perfect

body and make her cum. Randy remarked to us after the match that when

she works with Cherie, the orgasms are very real. Get this title and

see the juices flow!


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