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Wet, Wild and Wonderful!!

Two of our hottest babes and on this hot day they decide to keep cool by constantly dumping cold water over their hot steamy bodies. Randy Moore and Erika Jordan, the blonde and the brunette and to make them even more sexy they leave on their thigh high nylons. They are both turned on as they slide over each other straining to get in a good position to make the other orgasm, their bodies are wet and soon their pussies are also wet with pleasure as their hands rub between their sensuous thighs. One puts the oner in a body scissors only to get a better vantage at her juicy center, then Randy mounts Erika from behind and rubs her quivering thighs over Erika’s firm inviting butt. Soon they are crotch to crotch and rubbing toward orgasm, time for some more cold water, you can almost see the steam as this lucky water flows over their sumptuous bodies. Now a supple breast goes into a wet crotch and rubs for pleasure, then a tongue licks till the nipple stands to attention. Some of the sexiest wrestling ever, time for some cold water and this time I’m pouring it over me because I need it after watching these two wet, wild and wonderful beauties !!!!


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