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42 Min/1 GB/FULL HD

Brought to you in HD. Christina Carter is so pissed, there is this girl, Reagan Foxx and she looks so much like her – even the same body type, and to top it all off she is going after her man. Only one way to settle this, a good old fashioned cat fight, but first she has her man over to show him she is ready and that her body is in top shape, then she invites this brunette bitch over and they compare bodies – oh may, Reagan does have a great body and it is so much like Christina’s both are gorgeous big girls with fabulous breasts, slim waists and ample asses. To the bed room where they taunt each other with some real bitting trash talk, then they put on their sexy dresses and it’s to the living room for the battle. Soon long hair is being ripped out by the roots as each lady is determined to take control – it’s a multi fall match and while Reagan is one wild wonder Christina’s experience gives her the upper hand as she gains control with some crushing leg scissors where she strips that tight dress off her victim, then a back stretching camel clutch and she throws Reagan on the couch to bite her pussy – she wins the first fall but Reagan comes back with fire in her eyes for the second and gets Chris in a killer head scissors while Christina is on all fours, hard she squeezes that pretty face, then to the floor for so much more – Ms. Foxx loves this cat fighting, almost as much as she likes sex. The fight continues with lots of great wild fighting and even some forced oral sex but mostly just good hard sexy fighting by two big beauties that you will truly love and if you have not seen Reagan Foxx yet then you’re in for a real treat because she is as talented as she is beautiful and that’s saying a lot !!!!!!


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