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Two Sides of Wonder Woman – Rounds 2 and 3

After we witnessed the incredible first fall of Dark Wonder Woman (Reagan Foxx) over Good Wonder Woman (Raven Hart), we pick up with Reagan glowing over her first fall victory, dangling the strap on in from of Raven’s face. Both girls are nude now as Reagan taunts Good WW. We start round 2! Good WW is ready this time and starting from opposite corners, she takes her Good WW top and begins to strangle Dark WW. This takes Reagan Foxx off guard and she is now being forced to the mat by the choke. Good WW Raven then shows how she can sex up and fight the forces of evil and begins to DEEP kiss Reagan sending her into sexual submission. Good WW starts to smother Dark WW with her incredible breasts. This is some of the best breast smothers we’ve seen, down into s submissive doggie style position Reagan is forced into while Raven fingers and rubs her pussy. More Xtreme close ups are shown and once again you feel like you are right there with them both. Now Good WW employs some insane tribbing and grinds her pussy all over Reagan ass, pulling her head back by her hair. Dark WW is in trouble and she knows it! The second fall is all Raven Hart as she employs 69 double pussy licking to see who can hold out,, more fingering, and rubbing to force an intense orgasm out of Reagan. Round 2 to Good WW Raven Hart! Now she gets to choose a sex toy from a ring corner and the hitachi it is! Reagan cannot withstand the power and pleasure on her clit as she cums and cums. Final round of the best of 3. Who will take the prize? Will it be the forces of good or the forces of evil? Let’s just say that the final round is a blockbuster as tribbing, deep kissing, oral, boob smothering, and every other sex trick in the book is used as both ladies fight for supremacy. Finally one succumbs to multiple orgasms and not one but TWO sex toys are utilized by the winner to rip even more orgasms out of her foe. Will Raven Hart win out Or will the dark, evil Reagan Foxx use her nasty ways to submit Good WW. The amazing conclusion to part one of this spectacular fight. LOTS of action and sex in HD for nearly a half-hour! A sexual fighting extravaganza!


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