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Dark vs Light

So many people clamored to see this rematch – we are happy to finally bring it to you. In this match Dark Wonder Woman (Reagan Foxx) is obligated to give her sex slave, Wonder Woman (Raven Heart) a chance to make Reagan her sex lackey. They start off in robes but soon twirl their sultry bodies till they are attired in their sexy super uniforms. The battle begins as they tear into each other, literally we see them rip the clothes off, each piece reveals more of their curvaceous figures. Slugs, bear hugs, scissors and chokes wear them both down till sex can be employed to force one into her first submission and orgasm. Oh do those fingers go deep into wet pussies as they struggle for control until finally we have a victor of the first fall and she is able to pick her toy of choice to finalize her sexual domination – she picks a long glass dildo that goes deep into a dripping feminine middle amid groans of orgasmic delight as faster and harder the shinny glass is thrust. Time for the next fall and the ladies are even more vigorous as they struggle to secure holds that allow sex, they pull their genitals together and vigorously rub for some orgasmic tribbing, then one is bent over exposing her robust butt and her vulnerable pussy and now a tongue goes deeeep and wild, licking and stroking till we have another orgasm from a groaning shuddering body. Now time for a new toy to be inserted – and she plans on sending this one so much deeper. So get out the popcorn and sit back to watch two super babes with some SUPER SEXY FIGHTING !!!!!!


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