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The first part of this super heroine match was so well received I’m glad to we can get this second section out so everyone can find out wether the dark side will win out again or if the light will shine through. In this section our two super heroines are nude, Dark Wonder Woman, (Reagan Foxx) is about to stick it to her super opposite; Wonder Woman, (Raven Heart) – and I do mean stick it to her as she slides a large glass dildo up her slippery center, this is her victory sex for winning the fall. But never fear there’s another super fall and this one will determine wether they go back to the dark and who becomes the sex slave, get ready because these sexy big babes are going at it. A lock up, tight bear hug, on the mat for some wild rolling as they sex each other up with some deep fingers, then Raven sits heavy on Reagan’s face forcing her to lick her itching pussy. More oral sex leads to some furious tribbing as they slide their wet pussies over legs, butts and especially each others dripping vaginas. And for the ultimate finale we have the double headed pleasure demon, that’s right a large double headed dildo – which one can handle all this hard fucking – oh no don’t add that, yes the vibrator touches both clits as each takes the full length of that dildo – in, out, in, out, vibrate and – take it, take it all till you can take no more !!!!!!!


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