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Sadie Holmes and Ariel X, this is one super hot match, it is the fastest forty five minutes you can watch, these ladies are wild together. Ariel is in her sexy stars and stripes bikini when she finds her boy friend’s phone and soon sees that he has been texting Sadie, who is the Canadian champion – Ariel is pissed and wants a fight, she sends a text to Sadie from his phone to get her over. When Sadie gets there both ladies are in skin tight sexy dresses and neither is ready to back down, hell, Sadie even surprises X and jumps first forcing a kiss, then getting on top of the sexy toughie, in doggie style she forces some more deep kissing then pulls up that tight dress and forces two fingers deep in her juicy center, next she strips and mounts X and is soon sitting on her face – so beautiful, her pert nipples ate jutting out of the woven holes in her dress, they are long and hard letting us know how turned on she is. Sadie now pulls up her dress and we see her maple leaf Canadian panties that she is shoving into Ariel’s face, she pulls the panties to the side and forces Ariel to put her tongue deep into her pussy. How humiliating for poor X, finally Ariel is able to pull Sadie over backwards into a sunset pin with her legs bent over by her head leaving her pussy so exposed and Ariel takes great advantage of this as she now thrusts her fingers deep. Sadie isn’t finished she gets back in charge and this time it’s three fingers that go deep – then it’s Ariel’s turn again and out come the vibrators – they both use these vibrator to turn on their foes. Each lady also forces oral stimulation, over and over the pussies get stroked and licked as these sexy bodies roll and slide over each other. Sadie has such a beautiful sleek long figure and she so enjoys using it to show her love of sex and wild fighting and we all know how X feels about fighting and sex – so who gets to buckle up that strap on harness and slam that penis in? Who gets to bend the other over the couch and force that big penis deep, who gets to enjoy that dominance – who gets the fun — no doubt about it, it’s you, if you buy this fabulous video – one hell of a great sex fight !!!!!


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