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You thought sexy Sadie was hot in their first episode, wait till wild Celeste takes it to the deep end, yes this sex crazed beauty straps on her pleasure weapon of choice; long flesh colored dildo, and proceeds to sink it deep into Sadie, but first she ties her hands behind her back. Oh my, does Celeste go to town on Sadie, she slams that dick in from behind, then she holds her tight while still sinking it in deep. Finally Sadie gets free and now it’s her turn for sexual revenge as she turns Celeste upside down in a match book and after juicing her up with loads of saliva she sinks multiple finger in as deeps she can, oh and she is by no means done as out comes the glass dildo and now it’s her turn to slam a dick into the squirming Celeste – then bends her over her knee so she can attack those pert breasts. These are two sexual dynamos, they both truly love sex and love to fight so you know this one is action packed from beginning to end, they even take it outside as one tries to drown the other in the Jacuzzi – and of course with these two it has to end up in the bedroom – now it’s Sadie’s turn to strap it on and she plans on doing some real fucking on Celeste, she is out to prove she can fuck harder, deeper and longer than her sleek counterpart. Tongues and dildos go deep as these two move to exhaustion but not before there are orgasms a plenty. I had to watch this several times as the sex and the fighting is so amazing – these two are definitely two of the sexiest ladies ever and when it comes to strapping it on these two give and receive with the gusto of two super sexual dynamos !!!!!!


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