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Sadie Holmes is so gorgeous with her sleek figure and lean muscular legs, a beauty to behold and we are so glad to have her back at Xtreme, she is going against another lean beauty Celeste Star. Both of these ladies are wild and love to get it on, this video starts out with them later in the day so we are seeing lots of bed time sex, they roll over and through each other as they both chase orgasms, a lusty bed session as we get close on their tongues going deep, then we go to the beginning of the day to see how they got to this point. Sadie comes into the living room and catches Celeste masturbating with a glass dildo as she watches a video of Sadie getting beat by Ariel X – a fight ensues as Sadie strives to jam that glass dildo right up through poor Celeste, she even chokes her as she puts the glass deep into her pussy, then kissing her pert nipples while still jamming. Enough of this shit, Celeste finds a way to turn the tables and now she is on the sexual attack, she forces Sadie to suck that glass dildo that had been deep in her, then she forces Sadie to pleasure her, she pushes her pretty face had in her pussy while she gives Sadie’s sweet ass a hard wedgie just to make sure she does the job right. My favorite is when she rolls Sadie over into an extreme matchbook and has her way with Sadie’s now vulnerable pussy. Sadie and Celeste are so much fun to watch, of course they are beautiful but even better, both of them really get into their fighting and their sex !!!!


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