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Orgasms A Plenty

Get ready for more intense action as long lean Sadie Holmes matches up against sexy Serena Blair in the conclusion of their EPIC sex fight. Once again, the rules are, she who can make the other orgasm more is the better sexual fighter and in part 1, we saw a back and forth battle of wills. This one goes until one girl cannot orgasm anymore and lets just say, part 2 is a barnburner, with one girl eventually making the other orgasm over and over and over. The contrast in fighting styles and bodies is amazing to watch. Sadie’s long legs wrap up Serena and we witness amazing tribbing, pussy eating, both hard and sensual fingering, Sadies favorite move is obviously 69 and she employs it to perfection. But can Serena last and not cum? After all, she’s got Sadies pussy in her mouth as well. The licking, face sitting, stroking and wrestling abound as both try not to cum. but, of course, that’s impossible with these two. Both have ultra sensitive pussies and as the action heats up, the orgasms continue to fly on both ends. Yes guys, it’s all here and then some. Serena is an experienced fighter, as we all know, and she employs wrestling tactics that immobilize Sadie making her orgasm with both disdain AND pleasure. If you like seeing two beauties sex fighting with reckless abandon then this title is for you. No faking anything here. Serena and Sadie are truly into each other (literally) and it shows! Beautiful natural lighting and close ups that put you right in the action. Two perfect shaved pussies, vying for the sex fight win. As one grappler starts to emerge the dominant one, making the other orgasm harder and harder, the vanquished wrestler has to ultimately admit defeat as she just can’t cum anymore!! We’re then treated to an extra bonus round where the loser has to pleasure the winner in any way sh’e like for 2 more orgasms!! As if the entire match wasn’t enough!! But we’re not through yet! The winner decides she has to clean off her dirty little wrestling slave girl and drags her to the shower. More bonus rounds as the loser must sexually please the winner in the shower. A beautiful ending as water cascades over both heavenly bodies and hair and, to the victor go the spoils. ANOTHER intense orgasm for the winner, this time a wet one (as if their pussies weren’t wet enough)!! Serena Blair and Sadie Holmes have incredible chemistry together and what you’ll witness is 100% real. Sex fight fans can see what the true meaning of the term sex fight is. Beautiful girls, sex wrestling, amazing bodies and pussies, and very real orgasms -. a LOT of em!


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