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Can you handle it? Thirty minutes of nonstop sex, that’s what you get when Sadie Holmes and Serena Blair go body to body in the ultimate sexual contest. Not many rules except you can’t stop your partner from doing what they want and you can get as rough as you want, actually both to these ladies like rough sex so to make their partner orgasm they do a lot of ass and tit slapping. If you haven’t seen either of these ladies in action you are in for a real treat, not only do they both have smashing hot bodies but they love sex and orgasms come second nature to them, so when Serena spanks Sadie’s luscious butt then thrusts her fingers deep into her always wet pussy we hear the screams of delight, and when the long lean Sadie thrusts her tongue deep into Serena’s throbbing pussy she can take no more and explodes with passion. This is nonstop sex and it will still have to be continued because these babes just can’t get enough and we will continue till one says she can take no more, and even then there will be more. Both of these women are natural beauties with no makeup and no work on their amazing bodies, and both are extremely physical – and liking it rough just adds to the pleasure – so if you can handle two wild nature beauties deep kissing, deep fingering and deep tonguing, then maybe just maybe you can handle this killer sex video !!!!!!


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